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Lucio Diodati was born in 1955 in Popoli, a small town on the Italian hills of Abruzzo. He discovered his passion for painting during high school, when he started realizing his first artworks. In 1975 he attended a program in scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of l’Aquila, entering officially into the art world. The turning point of his career was the meeting with Gennaro Fiume, an Italian dealer who invited him to display some artworks in his gallery in Rome. Nature has been the subject of his early works, characterized mainly by stylized fields with flowers and the use of primary colors.
With the artwork “Amiche” from 1985, women become the main characters of his paintings. Colors meet female bodies to tell a story which is still going on.
In 2002 he went to Havana for the first time and since that moment the city represents a second home for him, a place where the artist gets inspiration and free his mind. Diodati’s artworks have been displayed in major cities all around the world: New York, London, Montreal, Barcelona, Berlin, Havana.




The human landscapes of Lucio Diodati reveal the deep roots of the artistic trends that occurred in the first half of the last century.
However, it is not easy to classify this artist with precision, although this could be achieved through a personal synthesis of some readings. His way of depicting and transforming the human character communicates a sense of late expressionism, at least where his expression shows touches of critical irony, and perhaps even fun for the transformations of the characters presented.
a rewiew by Vittorio Sgarbi


The pictorial stories of Lucio Diodati, built as a sort of scenic "divertissement", emerge with all their exuberant clarity, poetic inspiration, warm and enveloping colors.
The female characters, whom Diodati elects to star in her stories, are captured with a liveliness of gestures and attitudes, which arrive at the bizarre pose and the ironic, almost caricatural expression, which accentuates the lively and narrative character of the works.
As in a fairy tale of a thousand colors, with dreamy contours, but tied by solid threads to reality, the gaze is lost in the intensity of blue, in the depth of red, in the gradating shades of ocher.
a rewiew by Francesca Londino


Even the titles of the works put an extra emphasis on that ironic side of a universe in which appearance predominates.
A solar and empty world, reminiscent of vintage postcards, is described in an objective and detached way, never banal.
a rewiew by Barbara Vincenzi


The simply way in which women live with this coloured figure make us think about it. A deeper, more provoking reflection makes us wonder if there is just the paiter behind that mask... Is it Diodati, who wants to appear in his artistic world, even if hidden? His spell is in holding in a mask the segret of a more and more innovative painting, of an art which pierces us, which allows us to pretend, which is what we like most... to be ourselves behind that mask, to be able to live in the infinite and sparkling places of art.
a rewiew by Francesca Renzi




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